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Hydraulic aerial platform on the chassis of all-terrain vehicle Prinoth GT-2000

Representatives of the Automobile Plant "Chaika-Service" have always confirmed that their production facilities allow to install superstructures on any chassis, even tracked, and have repeatedly proved that. As an example, You are offered the latest novelty – tracked all-terrain vehcile Prinoth GT-2000 (made in Canada) equipped with hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328. Automobile plant "Chaika-Service" became an official Russian dealer of Prinoth company and is ready to deliver a wide variety of superstructures on the chassis of the tracked all-terrain vehicles.

A new product! A powerful aerial work platform Socage T328 on a light-sized chassis!

During the last 3 years the Automobile Plant “Chaika-Service” has substantially increased its model lineup namely there have been developed 7 new models and one of the latest is Socage T328. Socage T328 is a new telescopic aerial work platform model of the “T” series. The platform has three boom extensions and increased characteristics but the main feature is the basket capacity increased to 400 kg.

Exhibition results "STT-2014"

In the market of the construction machinery there has been held the main event of this summer – the International specialized exhibition “STT-2014”.

Car carrier based on GAZ-33106 Valday chassis with double-axle trailer

Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” released car carrier with sliding platform and double-axle trailer based on GAZ-33106 Valday chassis. The car carrier allows to carry 3 vehicles with total weight equal to 6,8 ton.

Invitation to the exhibition “International Aviation and Space Salon - 2013” (MAKS)!

Automobile plant “Chaika” will participate in the exhibition of such a level as “International Aviation and Space Salon-2013” which will take place from the 27th of August till the 1st of September in the town of aeronautics – Zhukovsky, on the flying field of the central test base of the country – Flight Research Institute named after a famous Russian aviator M.M. Gromov.

Fuhrmann quality at affordable prices + gifts for New Year

Only in December, Santa Claus gives gifts when you buy a car with Fuhrmann steel board: truck kit (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, rope, warning triangle). Fuhrmann products - a European quality at reasonable prices.

Lossless lottery for purchasers of the Amco Veba cranes! Main prize APPLE iPAD!

Only in December each buyer of the truck with Amco Veba (Italy) crane produced by AP “Chaika-Service” will get a present.

"The Chaika-service" became an official dealer of Fuso

Automobile factory "Chaika-Service" became the official dealer of Fuso and increase the producing the truck on the Mitsubishi Fuso chassis. Assembly of the Fuso chassis produce "FUSO Kamaz Trucks Rus'.