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A new product! A powerful aerial work platform Socage T328 on a light-sized chassis!


During the last 3 years the Automobile Plant “Chaika-Service” has substantially increased its model lineup namely there have been developed 7 new models and one of the latest is Socage T328. Socage T328 is a new telescopic aerial work platform model of the “T” series. The platform has three boom extensions and increased characteristics but the main feature is the basket capacity increased to 400 kg.

The new model is offered on a modern light-sized chassis Hyundai HD-78. Hyundai HD-78 is a light-sized diesel truck for in-town and intercity highway works. Combined with the aerial work platform Socage T328 the truck is capable of ideally maneuvering in a city traffic current and performing hoisting works in straitened conditions.

As said above, the aerial work platform has increased operation characteristics of the outreach and the basket capacity:
- hoisting height – 28 meters;
- maximum horizontal outreach – 17,4 meters;
- basket capacity – 400 kg.
The increased basket capacity makes it possible to perform construction, mounting and finishing works, for example, for three workers with extra tools.

The new series of aerial work platforms is mainly featured by the boom positioned above the cabin rather than on the rear overhang.

This solution allows of mounting a platform on a standard chassis without its elongation. The new project makes for reducing the production costs and consequently the cost of a good quality aerial work platform.

Collapsible basket

The platform is equipped with a collapsible basket. The folding principle is quite easy and user-friendly. It is necessary first of all for keeping the overall truck height which – according to the regulations - must not exceed 4 meters. By the way the overall height of this platform is 3400 mm, therefore it makes it possible for the truck to go to the site under bridges, overpasses and through tunnels unhindered.

Automobile Plant “Chaika-Service” has presented this new product at the International specialized exhibition “STT-2014”. AP “Chaika-Service” mounts Socage14-to-70-meter-high aerial work platforms on any domestic or foreign made chassis.