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Hydraulic aerial platform on the chassis of all-terrain vehicle Prinoth GT-2000


Representatives ofthe Automobile Plant "Chaika-Service" have always confirmed that their production facilities allow to install superstructures on any chassis, even tracked, and have repeatedly proved that. As an example, You are offered the latest novelty – tracked all-terrain vehcile Prinoth GT-2000 (made ​​in Canada) equipped with hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328.

Automobile plant "Chaika-Service" became an official Russian dealer of Prinoth company and is ready to deliver a wide variety of superstructures on the chassis of the tracked all-terrain vehicles.

Prinoth -the embodiment of quality and high flotation

Choice of the tracked all-terrain vehicles is a very responsible decision. They do not buy such vehicles just to go fishing or gathering mushrooms - these vehicles are destined to perform various works in the extreme off-road conditions. That is why it is vitally important to know the real potential of the vehicle for a customer who buys it - success of the business depends on that.

Prinoth tracked all-terrain vehicles are used in the conditions when the ground does not allow to use wheeled vehicles: on the broken terrain, in the forest, on rocky areas and on grounds with low bearing capacity. Owing to its design, half-track mover of Prinoth all-terrain vehicle provides minimum pressure on the ground - less than that of a standing person. All this is provided at full load, which can be up to 10 ton (although it happens that some owners handle more weight and the vehicle moves quietly). The weight of the all-terrain vehicle it self amounts to notable 9 ton.

Ease of steering of the Canadian all-terrain vehicle is similar with that of the wheeled vehicles (if You remember and compare it with tracked vehicles equipped with 2 levers). The cabin has a steering wheel with hydraulic steering booster which allows following easily the guidepath or even a pivot turn because the turning radius is equal to 0 m. It works in the following way: at turning the steering wheel to the left, the right track turns quicker than the left one and vice versa.

Prinoth chassis is produced specially for mounting superstructures

10 ton load capacity renders possible to mount on the chassis different equipment for the most complicated operations in the oil and energy industries, geological exploration, especially in the harsh northern climate. The vehicles are manufactured at a plant in Canada in the form of a tracked chassis with a cabin, after that they install on the all-terrain vehicle cranes, boring machines, tipper platforms, hydraulic aerial platforms for elevated works, for example, on power transmission lines, specialized vans, workshops, laboratories etc..

Represented vehicle Prinoth GT-2000 is equipped with an impressive combined telescopic hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328 (lifting height - 28 m). It is possible to install on Prinoth chassis hydraulic aerial platforms with the height up to 35 meters.

Prinoth GT-2000 chassis technical performances

  • Suspension type – centerpoint;
  • Engine type - diesel with turbocharging and electronic fuel injection system;
  • Engine model – Caterpillar C-7;
  • Wheels type – cast-solid;
  • Transmission – hydraulic automatic;
  • Tracks – tempered steel on a rubber six-ply band;
  • Tracks’ width – 838 mm;
  • Gross weight – 9 130 kg;
  • Chassis load capacity – 9 072 kg;
  • Fording – 1 067 mm.

For maximum satisfaction of demand the following options are possible:

  • Two-seat cabin;
  • Conditioner;
  • Set of equipment for operation at extremely low temperatures;
  •  Winches;
  • Front blade.

Hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328 installed on the chassis of an all-terrain vehicle Prinoth GT-2000 is destined for repair operations and maintenance of power transmission lines columns in off-road conditions. Certainly, the project is unique and developed directly in conformity with the customer’s requirements.

The following parameters are proper for hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328:

  • Lifting height – 28 m;
  • Maximum outreach – 16 m;
  • Basket load capacity – 250 kg.

It’s a long time that hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328 is not a novelty for Automobile plant “Chaika-Service”.

All-terrain vehicles Prinoth are mostly popular in the mountain and forest northern regions, where it is required to perform works in the most difficult climaticconditions. Most often, ATV Prinoth can be found in the United States and Canada, as well as in Norway. In Russia, in the course of time ATV Prinoth cease to be outlandish device. For exceptional reliability and unsurpassed flotation they are more and more frequently acquired by oil, gas and energy companies. They used Prinoth vehicles for the works in the Olympic mountain cluster to prepare for Olympic Games, namely snowmobiles (Ratrak), which are used at ski resorts and   Olympic tracks.

Automobile plant "Chaika-Service" began to study such equipment as mulchers manufactured by Prinoth for subsequent delivery to energy services and forestry.

It is not the first time when the plant works with the tracked vehicles. Earlier, the plant produced hydraulic aerial platform on the chassis of a multi-purpose lightly armored universal transporter.

Automobile plant "Chaika-Service" produces special vehicles of any complexity and hydraulic aerial platform on GT-2000 chassis is the direct proof of that.

This vehicle along with comfortable conditions is easy to operate and maintain, as all the assembly units and devices are controlled by hydraulics. There is a spare parts warehouse in Russia for Prinoth vehicles. The warranty for the tracked chassis is1 year. The warranty for hydraulic aerial platform Socage amounts to 2 years.