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“Chaika-Service” today

The activity of Chaika-Service automobile plant was started in 1993. Since that time the company has gone through serious changes and transformations which may be surveyed back for as long as 20 years. All these changes may be briefly resumed as development and continuous progress.

The company is focusing on production of complicated commercial vehicles. Truck-mounted cranes, tow trucks, aerial platforms, tipper trucks, double seat row cabins, truck-mounted concrete pumps, or for instance full-driven truck GAZ-33088 Taiga – all this and much more is feasible for the company with years-long experience.

All kinds of victories, merits and achievements formed a self-confident and stable Company to be designated with a capital letter.
The outcome is evident: Chaika-Service products are used in public utilities and road industry, at energy and oil & gas producing companies, construction and telecommunication industries.

At present Chaika-Service automobile plant is one of the leading companies in its market segment.
It is also confirmed by the company’s numerous partners, among which there are both the biggest Russian and foreign OEMs like GAZ, KAMAZ, ISUZU, Hyundai, Hino, Mercedes, MAZ, Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Mitsubishi Fuso etc.

Cooperation with foreign partners

  • 2005 – the company gains the status of an official dealer of Italian manufacturer of cranes Amco Veba.

  • 2006 – Chaika-Service becomes the first official dealer of the large Japanese OEM ISUZU in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • 2007 – start of dealership with Italian manufacturers of hydraulic equipment - OMFB Hydraulic Components and DiNatale-Bertelli.

  • 2008 – the company becomes a dealer of Italian company Socage (aerial platforms).

  • 2009 – signing a dealership agreement with Tadano – Japanese manufacturer of steel rope cranes.

  • 2011 – the company becomes a partner of Austrian company Fuhrmann, specializing in production of steel profiles for truck sideboards.

  • 2012 – the company becomes an official dealer of Czech company Avia – manufacturer of light and middle duty trucks.

  • 2013 – Chaika-Service produced the first truck-mounted concrete pump with working height 38 m on KAMAZ-6520 chassis.

All the commercial vehicles are certified. For the lifting superstructures there are relevant licenses of Rostekhnadzor and certificates to confirm the range of allowed operating temperature conditions from -40 С to +40 С. The superstructures are built with use of high quality European hydraulic components. The company has its own servicing network comprising 70 companies in Russia and CIS countries. The mission is to produce quality vehicles of the European level and providing servicing throughout Russia and CIS countries.

History of development

  • Year 1998. First project in Russia for extended frame Gazelle (light duty truck).

  • At present the production of extended frame Gazelle is arranged at GAZ itself.

  • Year 2002. The first big batch of tow trucks on GAZ-3307 chassis (about 100 units) is delivered to Iraq.

  • The project is of significant importance for Chaika-Service and GAZ, because all tow trucks in Russia had been produced on ZIL chassis before.

  • Year 2003. Mobile billboards are released to CIS market.

  • The new phenomenon has a broad resonance at the outdoor advertisement market.

  • Year 2004. The first model of tow truck with a manipulator crane is produced.

  • Year 2006. The production area is increased threefold.

  • The first van and the first tow truck with a sliding platform are produced.

  • The direction of heavy tow trucks with partial loading starts being developed.

  • 2007 becomes the year of expanding the servicing network.

  • A new office in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny is opened.

  • In this same year Chaika-Service brings Amco Veba cranes to the leading position among the new truck mounted cranes sold on the Russian market.

  • Year 2008. Production of back cabin sleeping cells for foreign brand trucks is started, for the first time in Russia.

  • Preparation for certification of the Quality Management System for conformity to ISO 9001:2000 international standards is started.

  • Partnership with foreign OEMs like Volvo, Ford, Nissan is expanded.

  • Year 2009. Development of direction of construction and public utility equipments.

  • Aerial platforms ranging from 17 to 35 m, tipper trucks with cranes and multi-lifting machines, required in the public utility service and power industries.

  • The 6 seat double row cabin for GAZ-33106 Valday is launched to production.

  • The special order for heavy crane Amco Veba VR85 2S (lifting torque 73 t*m) is fulfilled.

  • Year 2010. The 7 seat double row cabins are designed for GAZ-33106 Valday, Hyundai HD-78, Isuzu.

  • A double seat row cabin with additional side door for Valday is launched to production.

  • Year 2011. The serial production of trucks with Fuhrmann steel sideboard platforms on the chassis of Hyundai, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes etc. is started.

  • Year 2012. The serial production of GAZ-33088 Taiga is launched.

  • New models of Socage platforms T314, DA332 and TJJ54 are presented to the market.

  • The saddle tractor based on Hyundai HD-78 chassis is developed and released.

  • The company is awarded the silver medal at the International Innovation Fair SIIF-2012 in Seoul for development of unique 7-seat double row cabin Hyundai HD-78, and joined the top 30 best innovating companies around the whole Russia.

  • Year 2013. Chaika-Service celebrates its 20 year anniversary.

  • Two brand new Socage platforms T319 and T322 are developed and produced, specially for the Russian market. Chaika-Service is the only body-building company of Russia to become an exhibitor at the International Construction Equipments Fair BAUMA 2013 in Munich, Germany.

The production of Chaika-Service is based on the innovation technologies of manufacturing and assembly of products, protected by patents of the Russian Federation:
Nr. 2388626 for invention "Method of manufacturing a body-van"
Nr. 2388550 for invention "Device for painting large parts"
Nr. 79880 for utility model "Moving air hoist»
Nr. 81456 for utility model "Production equipment for extension of propeller shafts"
Nr. 98953 for utility model "Hydraulic machine for manufacture of bent tube products".

At production of Chaika-Service, an efficiency increasing hard-soft-ware system for automated process control is used.

The system is protected as a utility model by patent Nr. 83640, which won the 2nd prize at the contest of intellectual properties named after famous Russian inventor Kulibin in the nomination "The best utility model in the Nizhny Novgorod region in the field of instruments building and electronics."
It’s use accelerates collection and processing of information at all operations of production, and creation of automated data base for engaging the Engineering which is organically linked with the dynamics of production. Design of products is supported by specialized engineering instruments, protected by patents of the Russian Federation: Nr. 91450 for utility model "Automated tools for product’s design "and Nr. 91451 for utility model "Specialized automated workstation for engineering".

Creative approach at the Engineer Department Chaika-Service is the basic point to ensure the high technical level of the wide range of products, confirmed by progressing inventions at the company, whose intellectual property is characterized by growing number of patents for inventions, utility models and industrial samples, which currently includes more than 50 active patents.
Examples of high level of design and wide range of products are the patent Nr. 2283242 for invention "Device for car towing", and the patent Nr. 81458 for utility model "Frame structure of an armored vehicle body”.

Availability of servicing stations network in the regions, the strict policy to ensure high quality, and the strategy for active promotion make sure that Chaika-Service keeps on as a stable and self-developing company.