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+7 (861) 236-82-01


+7 (831) 22-99-722


Nizhny Novgorod

Automobile plant «Chaika-Service» contact information

8-800-700-22-09 free of charge phone calls in Russia

Commercial Director
Mr. Denis Akhmetshin
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-702, Mob.: +7-906-352-2083
Deputy Commercial Director
Mr. Evgeny Konagin
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-711, Mob.: +7-906-352-2024
Deputy Commercial Director
  Mr. Yury Bobylo
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-707, Mob.: +7-903-041-3355
GAZ and KAMAZ Project Manager-
Deputy Commercial Director
Mr. Alexey Balyabin
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-705, Mob.: 8-903-846-40-05
Hyundai Project Manager-
Deputy Commercial Director for Sales Development
Mr. Yury Oreshenko
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-710, Mob.: +7-909-291-0094
Tadano, Hino, Foton and ZIL
Project Manager
Mr. Alexander Galanin
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-793, Mob.: +7-906-352-2058
Fuso and Isuzu Project Manager-
Deputy Commercial Director
Mr. Anton Danilov
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-704, Mob.: +7-906-352-2070
Socage and Volvo Project Manager
Mr. Daniil Abramovich
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-701, Mob.: +7-962-511-9478
            Amco Veba Project Manager
Mr. Alexander Burov
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-703, Mob.: +7-906-352-2018
Mr. Vyacheslav Chemis
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-706, Mob.: +7-906-352-2071
  Mr. Anatoly Kozel’
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-709, Mob.: +7-960-174-2256
Ms. Valentina Yambulatova
Tel.: +7-831-22-99-708, Mob.: +7-906-355-7849
Aftersales Service Department
Chief of the Aftersales Service Department
  Mr. Sergey Mikheev
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-728,  Mob.: +7-962-505-0587
Chief of the Spare Parts Sales and Services Department
Mr. Vladimir Rybin
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-738, Mob.: +7-906-360-0052
Chief of the Service Station
Mr. Zhavdyat Fatikhov
 Тел.:(831) 22-99-728, Mob.: +7-909-294-5937
Chief of the Warranty Department
Mr. Alexey Mykalov
  Tel.: +7-831-22-99-713, Mob.: +7-962-510-4092
  Technical Control Department  

Deputy Quality Director
Mr. Sergey Tikhonov
Tel.: +7- 831-22-99-777

Head of Quality Control Department
Mr. Vyacheslav Yermilov
Tel.: +7- 831-22-99-777


Top Management

Mr. Evgeny Ganin – Director General


Ms. Irina Pakhomova – Deputy Director General for Financial and Legal Matters



Mr. Sergey Uleev – Technical Director



Ms. Elena Akatysheva


Personnel Department

Mr. Alexey Dvoryanchikov - Personnel Director


Documentary Department

Ms. Yulia Utkina



Ms. Natalya Bastrigina



Service station (+7-831-22-99-727 multiline phone number)

Mr. Artyom Balov


Ms. Oksana Vorobyova


Warranty Department

Mr. Alexander Tolkov – Warranty Department Manager


Marketing and Advertisement Department (hot line phone number +7-831-22-99-722)

Ms. Olga Bakanova – Chief of the Marketing and Advertisement Department


Ms. Irina Mironova (organization of the exhibitions)


Ms. Elena Kuritsina (advertising in the Internet and functioning of this site)


Mr. Ilya Vershinin (advertising in mass media)


International Relations Department

Mr. Sergey Netreba – Administrative Director


Mr. Dmitry Bashulin – Chief of the International Relations Department


Mr. Andrey Baramonov - International Relations Department Manager


Engineering Department

Mr. Maksim Losev – Chief Designer


Procurement  Department

Mr. Mikhail Kuz’ma - Head of Procurement Department, Chief Engineer



Mr. Alexander Yershov - Specialist of Procurement Department



Ms. Elena Sholmova - Specialist of Procurement Department



Mr. Sergey Galkin - Specialist of Procurement Department



Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” address: 603158, Russian Federation, Zaitseva st., building 31, office 22.